Vittorio Storaro’s photographic exhibition “Writing with Light: Double Exposures ofPhotography and Cinematography” is the pictorial manifestation of his trilogy Light,Colors, Elements and the culmination of his Writing with Light Project. This visualadventure takes guests beyond the limits of the visual and philosophical research for hisfilms and allows access to his personal photographic discourse.According to Storaro,“This is in essence my life’sproject: an encyclopedia of avisionary, a researcher and ahistorian of philosophers,painters and scientists who havebeen dedicated to the enigma ofvision."The exhibition "Writing WithLight" is organized like histrilogy. Each section captures aperiod of Vittorio Storaro's thirty years of observing, exploring and experimenting withthe interactions of light, colors and the elements. This structure allows for the inclusion ofthe paintings from the great masters that inspired Storaro’s images. The artistpassionately transforms scientific research, philosophy and inspiration into the SeventhArt.“Writing with Light” is in essence a retrospective of Storaro’s artistic journey asexperienced in three chronological phases. The first phase represents the past andprogresses from darkness to light. The second phase depicts the present and transformsfrom red to violet. The third phase suggests the future and transmutes matter to energy.Through these images Storaro shares with us his lifelong quest to understand, interpretand recreate stories in films.Storaro’s photographic work, although an integral part of his involvement with film,stands as an independent entity in its own right. His unique, dreamlike images arecomposed of double exposures that reflect a deeply personal interpretation of the stories.

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San Sebastian(Spain) - Kutxaespacio del Arte

Salonicco(Grecia) - Museo del cinema e Museo della fotografia

Bari(Italy) - Cittadella della cultura, Archivio di Stato

Rimini(Italy) - Domus del Chirurgo